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What Are The Essential Elements Of An Opinion Essay?

An opinion essay forms a body around the nucleus of your opinion. In this sense, it holds enough gravity in the middle. On your part, you need to hold down to your assertion without getting hypothetical about it.

The main element

The main element of the opinion piece is of course ubiquitous; it also has a head, body and tail. Its body is the crux around which the piece revolves. The Introduction assertively pits your opinion which you reinstate in the conclusion with greater vigor.

The body effect

You have to pull in your resources in the body. You have to think of ways to certify your opinion through different examples and illustrations. Each logic should take on from the former one and should work towards the general fortification.

You should ideally structure the piece in 5 paragraphs, which leaves you with three paragraphs of stylized opinions. You should leave one paragraph for the reverse psychosis. Here, you should play a fair game and present a counter argument.

The counter merit

The counter argument should have enough merit and you cannot take it lightly. It creates the contrast which makes your piece seem more beautiful and consistent. You should somehow prove that the counter argument does not hold much water; not with baseless suggestion but with strong logic.

You should also try to bring in some freshness about the topic with the power of your opinion. You should therefore make an attempt to learn and grasp more about the topic. This will give you greater leverage to tackle the topic.

Devolving opinion

You should use assertive words and phrases and shy away from words like ‘I assume’ or ‘I feel’. The reader should take it from your piece that he ought to believe in what you say. In the main, it should reflect on him as his own opinion.

It of course helps if you choose such opinionated topic about which you have an authoritative knowledge. This lends you the background on which you can work further and absorb more. Choosing rare or unsung topics and expostulating on it may be hitting the target in the dark.

Other essential qualities

Your smoothness and fluency are other qualitative essentials regarding the opinion essay. You should come across as extremely comfortable in the regime. This leaves an endearing effect on the whole piece and the opinions come out in a more rarefied manner.