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List Of 23 Good Essay Topics In History

Are you worried because you want to write a great paper for your school or college? Do you think it is difficult to choose a wining topic with all the competition around? Do you want to follow the instructions by your teacher and come up with an impressive topic? Do you have many ideas in your mind but not sure how to organize them? Do you think it will be easy if you had some basic directions for topic selection? Do you consider brainstorming when generating fresh ideas for your assignments? Are you worried because the topic selection is taking much longer than expected?

It is an important thing to consider that how will you choose a valid topic for your essay in history. This is critical as the topic decides the overall scope and direction of your paper. You need to define to your readers what they will find in the body of your paper.

When deciding to write an essay on history, you will need to divide the subject into easy divisions and sub divisions. History itself is a very wide subject and you cannot address it entirely in one paper. You can draw a chart or diagram to divide certain sections of your subject. The major sections could be political eras, ancient civilizations, and religion through time, history of pop culture, wars, natural disasters, disease, an important personality, global recession or anything that holds significant importance in history of the world or your specific state.

Topics in history

Below is a list of interesting topics that students can use in a history essay

  1. The assassination of John F. Kennedy and global politics
  2. Death toll of people who died of black death and how do doctors view it today
  3. The use of barter trade and other economic processes in ancient civilizations
  4. World War 1
  5. World war 2
  6. Iraq bombing
  7. Terrorism since 2011
  8. Abrahamic religion
  9. Pharaoh’s
  10. Slavery and its origin
  11. Arabs since a century
  12. Human evolution
  13. Russia then and now
  14. The sub-continent
  15. The great Britain
  16. Australia and convicts
  17. Dinosaurs
  18. President George W. bush as compared to Bill Clinton
  19. An brief history of Abraham Lincoln
  20. Who was Albert Einstein
  21. Stephen Hawking
  22. Healthcare policies
  23. Unemployment rates since a decade