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Many events have happened in the history of the world and forgotten as time goes on. However, the holocaust has remained a painful thorn in the flesh in the humankind. This is due to the number of deaths which occurred during the holocaust. Surprisingly, the real motive behind the killing of an entire community has remained an answered question up to date. Holocaust was a state financed and controlled exercise by the Nazi government under the stewardship of Adolf Hitler which left about six million Jews dead. Besides the Jewish community, other inferior groups like the Romans, Gypsies and Poles were also assassinated. There were various reasons attributed to these inhuman detention, grisly killings and victims’ subjections to forced labor yet starving.

Reasons behind Holocaust

The attempt by the German government to eliminate the inferior groups was one of the grisly incident of holocaust. The German authorities viewed the Jews and the gypsies as the inferior groups. The Germans feared that their superiority might be lost in they interact or intermarry with the inferior groups.

The anti-Semitism perceptions was another reason behind the holocaust. Anti-Semitism was directly linked to holocaust. In fact, even at the present time, Jews are afraid of the recurrence of the similar occasion and thus they have put in place protective measures to defend themselves in case of a similar incident. It due to this racial discrimination which led to assassination of large number of Jews.

Human Torture in Holocaust

Nazi gathered the inferior group in camps in order to eliminate them from the Germans. In the camps, the inferior groups were subjected to inhuman conditions such as been used as guinea pigs by German physicians. A lot of nasty experiments were carried out on them without caring their human subjects.

Moreover, gas chambers were developed at the inferior groups camps whereby prisoners were suffocated in cyanide and carbon dioxide to death. Nevertheless, dead bodies were buried in mass graves without any festival to celebrate their lives.

Fortunately, there were some of the minority groups who escaped the holocaust and revealed the story. It is through them that world came to understand what was really happening in the minority camps and in Germany as a whole.

Holocaust has remained one world event in the memory of people. It is very vital to understand some reasons behind it and how it was implemented so as to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.