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What Is The Structure Of A Classic Five-Paragraph Essay?

During the learning phase, you must have been told that the essay has a beginning, a body and an end. This essentially cuts the piece to three paragraphs. However, with time and growth, you learn to expand the territories. Thus, you can elaborate the body and make it a three-paragraph issue to construct a 5-paragraph write-up.

Making of a classic

Now, a classic piece has to notably involve every germane thing about the topic therein. It should have a liberating conclusion, a startling introduction and the emphasis on major points placed in between. To sum it, the classic should not miss out on any crucial standpoint.

  • The first paragraph has to be the Introduction. It opens up the topic in folds; being subtle about certain parameters and clear about the eventual standing motif. It should also give an idea of your writing caliber and your authority on the topic. You should ideally begin the classic with an insightful writing prompt.
  • The second paragraph may be about the possibilities of the theme. You may reflect on its origins and future in the same vein. You should emphasize on the terror factor if any or the chance of obliteration if there. This is where the reader begins to identify with the motion.
  • The third paragraph will illustrate your understanding of the topic with examples and allegories. You should think or conjure potent and relevant examples which highlight the impact of the topical theme. This is also the paragraph where your creativity emerges as the foremost equation.
  • The fourth paragraph is where you assimilate the different perspectives and create an intelligent medley. You get the facility to assert your opinion and then compare it with opinions of the luminaries. This paragraph requires you to be entirely serious with the proposition.
  • The last paragraph is the conclusion. Here, you weigh all the factors mentioned in previous paragraphs and offer a stylized denouement. The extrication energizes readers and that is why people revere classics.

Experiments on line

If you abide by the mentioned structure, your essay will invariably wear a compact look. In time as you grow seasoned, you can experiment with the structure and even take the non-linear route. You also need to maintain the tempo; this is what distinguishes an average write-up from a classic.

The 5-paragraph has gradually become the salient type; and you should check out samples to learn different ways to handle topics in 5 fledged paragraphs.