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Getting Trustworthy Essay Examples for Free: a Basic Guide

Essays can be found just about everywhere in all the corners of the internet with very little effort by even the most talentless and inexperienced of researchers. Most likely you’re at least a little bit more gifted than that but you may still have some trouble telling the worst essays from the ones that are merely in need of some careful editing. Here are some methods you can use to sort the good from the bad:

Ask someone who has an eye for the details

You may not know everything but collectively the human race knows quite a lot. Just by asking your friends to help you, you can sort a batch of dubious search results in order of quality and discard the least promising ones. At the end you will have essays that you can actually use to model your own style after and gradually improve upon. The best part is, very bad essays are obvious from a mile away to good writers so if you have the right help, this process won’t take long at all.

Do a more thorough search

Many search engines have the option to narrow your search results to only those options which were found in scholastic journals or other acceptable academic sources. This will eliminate the less reputable essays from bad academic content mills which focus on bulk rather than quality of writing. If your search engine is incapable of doing this, switch to a more complex one for this exercise. If you’re not quite sure how, ask the search engine to show you.

Ask a person you actually know

Many of our interactions take place online so it can be easy to forget how much can be done without the use of any electronics or smart devices. Your teacher, for instance, most definitely has access to good sample essays. As each teacher is different, so their tastes in writing will differ and if you can get a sample essay that has been hand-picked by the person who will correct yours, the chances of you hitting the right notes in your own writing skyrocket. Similarly, if you can get a sample essay from one of the better students who took the class before you, copying their style can have a tremendous impact on your own.

These are just a few methods of getting your samples, try as many as you need until you have enough to start writing with.