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Boston Marathon Bombings 

Boston marathon bombings was a terror attack incident which occurred on fifteenth of April, two thousand and thirteen during the famous Boston Marathon. Two pressure cooker bombs which were planted about two hundred and ten yards apart, next to the finish line along the Boylston Street exploded concurrently at about three pm, Eastern Time. The bombs explode resulting to instant death of three people while an approximate of two hundred and sixty four people were left injured.


Immediately, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI began the investigation process. Three days after the attack, the FBI released the surveillance film and photographs of the two main suspects. Later on the same day, the FBI identified the suspects as the Chechen brothers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. After a short while since when the FBI released the photographs, the suspects murdered a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Police, carjacked a sports utility vehicle and started gunfire exchange with police in Watertown in Massachusetts. In the course of gunfire exchange, a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority police sustained a serious injury while Tamerlan lost his life, however, his brother Dzhokhar managed to escape with a stolen vehicle.

On nineteenth of April, an extraordinary manhunt for Dzhokhar was launched. During the manhunt, all residents of Watertown and the adjacent areas were instructed to remain indoors. All businesses, public transportation and institutions remained closed. Later in the evening, the advisory was withdrawn. A resident of Watertown found Dzhokhar hiding in a boat. Due to fears of being armed, Dzhokhar was shot. However, he was arrested and a short while taken to hospital.


During the first questioning while still under medication, Dzhokhar claimed that his brother, Tamerlan was the organizer. Dzhokhar affirmed that deep Islamic beliefs and the war in Afghanistan and Iraq were their motivation factors. However, they were self-radicalized and unlinked to any foreign terrorist groups. Dzhokhar explained that they studied to build bombs from the al-Qaeda online magazine affiliated in Yemen. Surprisingly, Dzhokhar stated that after a successful attack on Boston, they had planned to bomb Times Square Building in New York City.

Dzhokhar was prosecuted while still under medication on 22nd of April, on thirty crimes associated to homegrown terrorism such as huge destruction of property, use of mass destruction weapon and murder. Seventeen accusations involved death sentence ruling. Dzhokhar was jury sentenced to death on 15th of May, 2015 through a lethal injection.