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A List of Interesting US Government Essay Topics to Write About

It has become popular for students to choose essay topics that relate to the US government. Such topics are essential because activity of the government is something that affects everybody in the country. If you want to choose such a topic for your essay, but don’t know where to start, you’re welcome to look at the examples given in this article.

  1. Principles of the U.S. government.
  2. In this paper you can discuss the main principles of the U.S. government. They include democracy, rule of law, representative government, and so on.

  3. Role of the U.S. government in the economy.
  4. You should investigate in this work what influence the government has on the economy. What is the government’s contribution to stabilizing prices and increasing employment?

  5. Issues that were faced by the new Federal government.
  6. Make a list of problems that the new Federal government had to solve in 1789 under George Washington. Propose your solutions.

  7. Equal distribution of income and wealth.
  8. Discuss in your essay whether it’s possible to decrease the gap between the rich elite and numerous poor people. What should the government do?

  9. The U.S. government and religion.
  10. Do research in your paper on the influence of religion on the U.S. government. Is there religious freedom in the country? Does the government support particular religions?

  11. The government and the Internet.
  12. Investigate what the U.S. government’s contribution was to the development of the Internet. Were there certain scientists supported by the government?

  13. The government and equality.
  14. Investigate what effort the U.S. government makes to achieve equal rights for different social strata and to acheive justice in general.

  15. Different governmental forms.
  16. Choose another existing governmental form, like a parliamentary government, for example. Compare it with the U.S. presidential government. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of both forms.

  17. The U.S. Constitution.
  18. In your essay you can do research on the U.S. Constitution and discuss what you would like to change. Explain why you consider changes you proposed important.

  19. Individual states and their power.
  20. Discuss in your work whether individual states should have more power than the federal government when it comes to implementing laws related to abortion, legalization of marijuana, marriage of gay couples and so on.

  21. Elections and voting.
  22. Investigate what percentage of Americans who have reached the required age vote in elections. Propose some strategies that will increase the amount of active voters.

  23. Political parties.
  24. Do research on the two main political parties of the country. Describe them and compare them with each other.