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A Comprehensive Manual On How To Write An MLA Style Essay

When you are going to write an essay you will have to write in some specific format. You can do select any one of the popular ones. The MLA is one such format and it is widely accepted. When you write a paper you will have to learn the format beforehand. Here are a few tips that will help you understand the format much better and compose a paper without facing any problem.

You need to follow a specific format

When you are going to follow a format the reader will expect where to look for certain information. You will also make the paper more presentable. This will in turn impress the teacher and get you better grades.

Things about the MLA style that you will have to keep in mind:

  • The first thing you will have to do is create margins and decide on the amount of space to be left unused. If you are using word processing software you can set these very easily. Most advance word processing software has preset measurements, including the ones needed for MLA format.

  • You will have to use the ruler function and leave some space at sides, top and bottom.

  • The typeface you are going to write in will be Times New Roman. You can set the front size to 12 ppt. with these measurements your paper will be easier for people to read and the teacher will not have to squint to read what you have written,

  • Since you will b submitting the essay for evaluation, you will expect corrections and comments. You will have to provide some line spacing. The format requires you to leave at least double spacing between lines. Teachers are also able to make their corrections in this part of the paper.

  • On the top right you will have to write your name as a header. You will be writing your last name first. The header will also have all the page numbers.

  • Next you will write below this header, your full name along with the teacher who assigned the work and the date on which you are going to submit to the teacher.

  • When you are going to use any name of something like a book, movie or something similar, you will write it in italics. Also if you are going to quote someone you will have to put the standard quotation marks and also the first letter of the quote will always be capitalized.