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A Complete Tutorial On How To Write An Essay Comparing Two Books

Sometimes teachers use the term, controlled assessments to describe a detailed comparison of two books. The themes and other aspects of the books are compared and analyzed. This is a common assignment in English literature classes.

What do you need to know to write this type of essay? It’s quite obvious, you need to know the books inside and out. You need to be familiar with quotes, relevant ones, and where they are located. You also need to have skill in analysing quotes. This may be starting to sound a little overwhelming to you. If you would rather have an expert writer take care of assignments like this for you, it’s a great idea to use this service.

Some of the book themes you can consider using include:

  • Man versus nature. This is a common conflict. Are the main characters in each book faced with a battle against the elements? How are they similar; how are the struggles different? How did each character face his or her challenge?
  • The individual versus society. Sometimes a main character feels like an outsider? What set of circumstances are making them be an outsider? Do the characters in each book have some common ground in this area? How did they learn to adapt or overcome?
  • The fight between good and evil. Are there scenarios in each book where characters are involved in a battle between these two forces? How do the battles compare, and how do the responses of the characters compare?
  • A coming of age. Are there tough lessons the characters need to learn? How effective were they in learning the lesson and using it to better themselves? How does this lesson-learning compare between main characters?

Your assignment may dictate which themes you are comparing. Some other elements of the book you may find yourself analyzing in your essay include setting, background, behavior, role models, and more.

In order to compare in such detail, you really have to know each book in-depth and have a good understanding of the author’s purpose. Start making a list of things you see that are similar and different between the two books in each of the areas listed in this article. As you write you will soon notice some main points emerging and be able to organize them into a logical pattern to form your outline for your comparison essay.