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Where To Find Free Compare And Contrast Essays: A 4-Step Guide

Comparing one thing to another focuses on looking at the both of them for similarities. Contrasting two things requires an analysis of the ways in which they differ. Most things have both similarities and differences which is why the compare and contrast genre of essays exists.

If you have not had much experience in this method you may find yourself doing more of one and not the other. This would be incorrect as both elements are necessary to have truly completed your analysis. But how do you learn to do this if you’re unsure of where to begin? The answer is by using a sample. Sample essays of this variety can be found by following the steps listed below:

Request one from your teacher

If you are new to this type of writing, other people in your class most likely are as well. Your teacher may even be on the verge of handing out a few sample essay that you can model your own work after. If not, you should ask. You may be the only one to make the request but many others will wish they had or at least be glad to gain something from your courage.

Check for them in text books

This method is not always fruitful but it is from time to time. Text books on essay writing sometimes have sections with sample essays so that students who read through can see the rules in action. Look for this section but don’t be too disappointed if you don’t find it. Not all of them contain this.

Make use of the internet

If you have any familiarity with the use of search engines you will understand the usefulness of this method as well as the reasons you should be careful of using sources without double checking them. An online search can lead you to many results but many of them will be unusable.

Ask your friends or colleagues

The other members of your class may be engaging in similar searches. Just think how many samples you would all have access to if you each found just two and added them to the group’s resources. Ask around and see how many people are willing to join in.

The finding and use of samples can be very helpful but don’t underestimate your own ability to write and learn without them later on.