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A List Of Suggestions On How To Set Up A Five Paragraph Essay

We have all gone through the motions; of facing and writing essays in different classes. Some of the topics were interesting; some cumbersome and some plain boring. What was consistent was the systemization of the essay.

Head and Tail of it

An essay, for starters, is all about an introduction (the Head), a mid-section (the Body) and a conclusion (the Tail). We were told to start a sage in the beginning paragraph of the essay; prove or analyze that in the next paragraphs before summing up inference in the concluding paragraph. Interestingly, this makes it a piece of 5 paragraphs with the mid-section taking up three.

Arousal and assertion

Basically, you have to arouse sentiments in the initial paragraph. Place the topic in its fundamental situation in the second paragraph; analyze its highs and lows in the third and assess its impact or its progression in the fourth. The concluding paragraph is nothing but a compact gist of the first four paragraphs. Remember that the conclusion should find solutions, not pose questions, which is quite often the ways of a blog.

The topic

While the first and last paragraphs have to abide by the restrictions imposed on them, you can always experiment with the mid-section. For instance, take a topic: Should corporal punishment should be banned or not

  • Suggestion 1
  • You may place the general perspective in the second paragraph, your own perspective in the third and an emergent solution borne out of the mix of both yours and others’ perspective in the fourth.

  • Suggestion 2
  • You may mention the manner in which corporal punishment puts a curb to future criminal acts in the second paragraph, the manner in which corporal punishment appears unethical and does not offer a second chance to the criminal in the third; and your logical reasoning on whether corporal punishment should stay or go in the fourth.

  • Suggestion 3
  • You may write about the history of corporal punishment through the centuries in the second, the evolution of man and tendency towards humane efforts in the third and your extraction on the argument in the fourth based on the second and third paragraph of the essay.

  • Suggestion 4
  • You may place examples of leniency shown on criminals that backfired in the second paragraph; cases of people wrongly hanged or killed in the third when there innocent and again, your take on the argument in context with these two paragraphs in the fourth.

All these cases have been placed precluding the first paragraph (Introduction) and the fifth paragraph (Conclusion) of the essay.