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A List of Intriguing Cause & Effect Essay Topics for University

The cause and effect essay is in fact a dispute about the origins of the problem (cause) and its possible outcomes (effect). It is actually one of the types of essays, which you’ll have to eventually write, if you are planning on getting a degree. Of course, topics for such essays vary greatly among each area of academic study. Certain examples of the topics can be found on the university’s internet homepage, and are usually related to their area of study. The list below is a compilation of different cause and effect essay topics in various academic areas from social studies to medical and technological dilemmas.

  1. What are the effects of feminist movement on the modern concept of relationships?
  2. How does ‘one child policy’ affect child-parent relationships in China?
  3. What are the effects of being brought up by a single parent?
  4. How are children affected by fame and wealth of their parents?
  5. How does food deprivation affect children?
  6. What are the causes of divorce in the modern world?
  7. What causes the increased number of adoptions in the modern world?
  8. What are the causes (and effects) for religious oppression?
  9. How does globalization affect the spread of infectious diseases?
  10. What causes people to seek alternative ways of treatment instead of Western medicine?
  11. What are long lasting social effects of birth control?
  12. How does an increasing everyday use of Hi-Tech gadgets have on human health?
  13. What are the effects of euthanasia allowance on society?
  14. What are the effects of playing videogames on human brain activity?
  15. How does mass media affect teen relationships in a modern world?
  16. How does worldwide testing standardization affect the progress of students?
  17. What are the long lasting effects of slavery on American society?
  18. How did Christianity affect the Roman Empire?
  19. What was the effect of colonialism on Britian's self-establishment?
  20. How did the Internet change our world perspective?
  21. What is the cause of intense militarization in North Korea?
  22. What are the causes and consequences of a continued instability in Middle-East?
  23. What are the worldwide causes and effects of Donbass conflict?
  24. What is the cause of high stress susceptibility in modern humans?
  25. How does social integration insufficiency affect the individual?

Of course, these are only the examples of possible topics available to you. If you are planning on writing an essay you should probably find out more about hot topics in your area of research. And it won’t be a bad idea to narrow it down as much as possible in order for your essay to be exact, interesting and memorable.