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Urban Uprisings

Urban uprisings aren’t something new they have been going on for over one hundred years. They all started in 1909 in South Omaha, Nebraska during the Greek Town Riot. The town ended up being burned to the ground by people from Omaha. This was all over a Greek immigrant who had sex with a Protestant woman. Ever since then there have been urban uprisings all over the place including the Famous Stonewall riot that took place in June of 1969 after police raided a gay bar, which started the movement for gay rights in the United States.

Urban uprisings always happen after something bad happens in that part of the world. Now instead of just having uprisings in their area, where the event happen, it has become a worldwide thing because of the Internet. People want to stand up for what they believe in and that is why when something goes wrong that they don’t believe in, then there can be an uprising. It isn’t always bad that brings riots to place. In 1977, there was a blackout in New York City, this cause residents to start to loot store and cause a commotion for no reason. And it doesn’t just happen in the United States, many places will start a riot or protest because they don’t agree with how the government is being run and because of an injustice that has been committed.

Sporting events are also another reason that people riot. Just in 2011, there was a riot in Vancouver when the Boston Bruins beat them in game seven and won the Stanley Cup. This led to riots and fires being set in Vancouver over their lost. One of the biggest uprisings that has happened recently was the Ferguson riots and protest. In August of 2014, an eighteen-year-old man was shot after he committed a robbery. The man was unarmed and after this shooting the world stood up against it. There were only demonstrations in Ferguson but also around the world as people began to stand up and take notice of police brutality. They saw it not only for this man but the many others that have been abused by police that have more power over them. This event is still being talked about today and they can’t believe the police can get away with this kind of behavior and not be punished for their crimes.