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Fresh Ideas For Your Pollution-Free Environment Essay

It is always difficult to write an essay, especially on a self chosen topic. You have millions of ideas, but can’t find out which one is the best to get the highest mark. It is twice difficult if you have to write about something you are not interested in. If you are not a Greenpeace fan, and ecology doesn’t bother you a lot, read the next fresh ideas for your pollution-free environment essay . As pollution is one of the main and global problems nowadays, it is complicated to find some unique ideas.

  • The first bright idea for your future essay is to think about researching the topic about pollution in India. As this big country has serious problems with every kind of pollution – from air pollution to garbage all over the land, it will be easy to find supporting materials for you paper. You are free to research about the problems which causes pollution on people’s health, life level, and the condition of the nature.
  • If India is a too broad topic for you, try to write about the pollution of a smaller country – Cambodia. Even though it is a small country, it faces even more serious problem with pollution than India. Besides the rapid population growth it has catastrophic situation with loss of ecosystem, because of the big cities and deforestation.
  • You can also research the causes of automobile pollution, and what arrangements are being made by the world governments to solve this problem. You can write about countries that are trying to popularize cycling instead of car driving, or using electro mobiles. You are also free to include some information about the rules and regulations of your country, which are trying to control the air pollution caused by automobiles.
  • If you are highly interested in politics, you can write more about the rules and regulations, eco-politics of different countries. Answer the questions about the effectiveness of Environmental Protection Agency, its upsides and downsides.
  • Environmental Ethics is also a very interesting theme, which includes facts about the Earth Day, ethical questions about protecting nature, and what measures should be taken. If you think that all governmental politics to reduce the pollution danger level is just a waste of time, try to research about the failures of the eco-politics. Those are only a few noteworthy ecological topics. You can transform them as you wish, make them more narrow or broad etc.