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In Search of Definition Essay Examples: 5 Great Hints

If you love learning about words and their histories, the definition essay will quickly become one of your favorites. This style of paper looks at how words have changed over their lifetimes. When you write this paper, you will look for the first time the word was used and how it was used. You might even be able to find who used it first and the context of the usage. You will then trace how the word has changed and the events that created the change. Even if you love words and this essay sounds intriguing, it can still be helpful to have a sample paper to use. Here are five place you can look to find a great definition essay example:

  • Scholarly writing labs. These are online sites that provide tutorials and written explanations about all different types of writing. These sites are usually hosted by colleges and universities as well as large, well-funded secondary schools. They include samples, tutorials, and clear explanations of the essays, research papers, creative writing pieces, as well as grammar and mechanics.
  • For-profit writing websites. When you are planning on hiring an essay writer to complete an assignment for you, you need to see what the writer is capable of doing. This is why so many writing websites have free samples available for free. These samples include all types of writing and they are generally well-written.
  • Blog posts. Since bloggers love to write, it makes sense that there are some who blog about writing. These bloggers will include tutorials and samples for their readers. You should be able to find a definition essay that has been uploaded and analyzed by a popular writing blogger.
  • Style websites. If you are writing a definition essay, you will need to include sources and citations. Whether you need an MLA or an ALA style guide, you should be able to find a website that not only include examples of the styles, but you should be able to find site with sample papers, too.
  • Teacher websites. Good teachers are writing blogs for their students. These include homework helping ideas and sample papers. These good teachers understand that students do better on assignments when they have a template they can use for organization and inspiration. If your teacher does not maintain a website or blog, you can usually find some who do, simply by searching for the type of class you are taking and the word “blog”.