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5 Pieces Of Advice On Organizing A Synthesis Essay

This is an extremely popular essay that students are asked to write. It is actually a type of writing that is required for the AP test which is a type of college entrance aptitude test. It is necessary to know how to write this type of essay and you will be asked to do this many times in your scholastic career. A synthesis essay is basically a written discussion that uses information from many different sources. It acts as a funnel of information and coordinated data from different places to create a coherent, organized article on a particular topic. In this type of writing, you are required to make connections and draw similarities from different sources on the same topic. This way you are supposed to have a more complete picture that is validated by coming from multiple sources. Here are some pieces of advice on organizing a synthesis essay.

  1. Make sure you have a topic that is narrow enough to accurately research. If your subject is too broad, there will be no relevance to using different sources. Your work is supposed to be substantiated by other sources so the topic must be narrow enough to be able to get specific information from each source.
  2. Don’t forget to think of pictures and graphs to use as a source for information. These can be very useful and your interpretation can give insight to your topic that hasn’t been represented in writing anywhere.
  3. Make sure you make it clear what sources you got your information from.
  4. Decide on what type of synthesis essay you are going to write. There is an argument synthesis article that pretty much is exactly what it says. You are trying to prove your opinion using multiple sources. Another type is a review which talks about what has been previously written about the subject by multiple sources. This type usually leads the reader to realize that more research needs to be done on the topic. The last type is the explanatory type which helps your reader understand your subject by organizing data from different sources and reporting them in an organized way.
  5. Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors in your writings that will distract the reader from the essence of the paper.

This is a type of writing that you need to familiarize yourself with since you will be writing many of them in your scholastic career. The more synthesis essays you write, the more comfortable you will become in writing them.