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Quick Tips For Writing An Outstanding High School Expository Essay

An expository essay genre requires you to carry out research, evaluate a given situation, come up with points and discuss various points on the same. Unlike an argumentative essay, avoid siding with any party. Be neutral and discuss points from both sides without bias. The following tips could be instrumental in your expository essay writing:

Use the 5-paragraph formula

Aside from being a genre among the several others that are there, an expository essay is a nearly every day requirement for most careers. This writing formula makes your expository essay up to standard and worth believing by most readers. The 5-step writing formula includes: Introduction, 3 supportive paragraphs and conclusion.


This is the first paragraph to your writing. It determines the likelihood of a reader continuing with the rest of your essay. It should contain the thesis to your essay as well as your main idea.

Body paragraphs

Each of the 3 supportive paragraphs should discuss a single idea, point. This ensures that you have some strong points that can be argued out quite with ease. This ensures that there is some good flow throughout your essay. Even better, it makes your entire essay concise and easy to understand for your target audience. Your points are considered eligible if they have some good evidential support, in terms of facts, logics, statistical as we as anecdotal.

Allow some bit of creativity

It is not always that artfulness as well as creativity have to be associated with writings. However, they still have a super important role to play in motivating your readers to sit and go through your writing. Therefore, you should by no means allow formality and writing structure take up your creativity. Both should contribute towards making your writing both eligible and interesting to read.

Give a full argument

Needless to say, everything that has a beginning should have an end. I'm expository writing, imagine you are having a discussion with a friend. Just like it feels satisfying to come to a conclusion of a certain topic of discussion, so it is for an expository essay. A logical and complete argument in your essay ensures that there are no doubts to the reader.

5-steps formula

There are five super effective expository writing steps. These will ensure that you come up with a perfect copy of writing that anyone can count upon. These include:

  1. Prewriting step
  2. Before you commence writing, take time to think over the topic as well as the main idea. This should be followed by some research and taking some short notes. This should be structured in an outline presenting the details you are to include at each paragraph

  3. Drafting stage
  4. As you draft, weigh your points to come up with a good Introduction paragraph. Come up with a way to carefully present the body paragraphs as you give supportive evidence for each. Your conclusion should sort of be supporting your thesis at the Introduction.

  5. Revision stage
  6. At this phase, you should review your work, modify and restructure your work to the best way possible. Ensure that each of your paragraphs are concise, logic and well arranged.

  7. Editing
  8. Go through your work before you can publish your essay. This will ensure that it is free from the obvious mistakes.

  9. Publishing
  10. Having done all the necessary corrections, consider publishing your content.


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