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How To Proofread Your Response Essay For Free

Proofreading your essay, term paper or dissertation is a very tedious job. According to many writers, proofreading is even cumbersome than writing the paper itself. The good news is that there are several helpers online who can help check essays for plagiarism and errors. Go to if you want to behave your document checked for free but take note that the online tools may not be 100% accurate.

  1. Spelling and grammar checkers
  2. Online spelling and grammar checkers are intelligent online tools that can help proofread the text. Generally, they offer proofing which is more advanced than the inbuilt proofreading tools for MS Word. In other words, they will help identify more errors in the text than MS Word will do.

    The following are general tips on how to choose the right checker.

    • Ensure that the program is truly free
    • Not all tools marked free is truly so. Some tools claim to be free just to attract you to download or use them. Once you paste content in to the proofreader they will require that you pay before you can access the proofread content. If the tool does not have clear information about pricing then assume that it is paid.

    • Do not trust one program
    • The rate of effectiveness and efficiency of proofreaders varies. As stated earlier, none of them is 100% accurate. It is recommended that you run your essay through several proofreading programs so as to ensure that errors missed by one can be identified by the other. You may be surprised to find that each tool identified mistakes which the previous tool did not identify.

    • Take note of character count limits
    • Some spelling and grammar checkers palace a word limit on the number of words that can be checked for free. This means that for words beyond the limit you will have to pay. Generally, if your essay is one or two pages long then you have it checked for free in most online spelling and grammar check tools.

  3. Homework helper
  4. A homework help site can help in proofreading your essay. Most of them are paid services but you can come for free though their services are not of high quality.

  5. Question forums
  6. These are forums in which people connect and can offer answers on various questions. Because responses are free, you can get helped in editing your easy on these forums.

  7. Writing lab
  8. If your college has an online site, then the other students can help you online. In some writing lab programs, there are options to submit your paper and have it proofread.