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A Quick Guide To Writing A Middle School Essay About Vandalism

Vandalism is the damage to public property either in a criminal activity without the permission of the authority or owner or it may include harmless acts like street art. However, even though it is an increasing trend now days in hoods and certain local areas but it indeed damages the property in many ways and it should be controlled. Different people would have different opinions about this subject but you need to focus on what you feel when you are writing your essay. Your essay would reflect your personal opinions and ideas to the audience. Whatever stance you take about the subject you will have to make sure that it is supported by relevant and supporting evidence. The evidence will help strengthen your stance and present your ideas to the audience in an engaging manner.

If you are to create a strong paper on vandalism then you should keep several important things in your mind. Here is a quick guide to create a middle school essay about vandalism

  1. Study the subject carefully
  2. Start by creating a clear understanding of the subject that you are going to address. You should read opinions by different authors and consult different sources before you can form an opinion about the subject. Try being open to learning so that you can form an objective opinion without any biased thoughts

  3. Develop your thesis
  4. Create your thesis based on the stance you will take on the subject. It can be any stance based on your research and the point you want to make through your paper. Some students might argue that vandalism is because of one reason and it is fine while others would think it should have serious punishment. The stance depends upon your ideas about the subject

  5. Create your major arguments
  6. Develop your major arguments by dividing your stance into parallel parts. Each argument should be the base of each body paragraph

  7. Gather your evidence
  8. Collect your evidence to support the major arguments that you have developed for your body. You should have three or more supporting points for each argument

  9. Draw an outline
  10. Analyze and organize your data in an outline for each section

  11. Write your paper
  12. Use the points in the outline to write your paper

  13. Edit and proofread
  14. Carefully revise and proofread your work before submission