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Male Vs. Female Brains

This is a very interesting subject. A lot of research is still in progress that aims at coming up with some answers that could shed some light on the significant differences that are observed between men and women. It is widely believed that these differences are mainly caused by differences in the brains of the two sexes. These beliefs are not confirmed and it makes it really difficult to tell how authentic they are. It is still anticipated that future researchers will shed more light on this crucial and exciting subject. There are also some myths and beliefs that show that there could be significant differences in the brains of that of men as compared to that of women.

Structural Difference

In nature, men are taller and bigger than women. This is also believed to implicate to the size of the brain. Men are said to have a larger and heavier brain than that of women. However, this does not necessarily implicate to greater intelligence in men than in women. The other major difference is that of the composition. Men are believed to have more of the white matter than women. This is however compensated by their grey matter that is less than in women. This leads to women having a thicker cortex. The cortex of women is also believed to be convoluted. Men are also thought to have a bigger hippocampus than women. This makes them have better memory and stronger in emotions that women. Another significant difference in the brains of the two sexes is in the size of the hypothalamus. In men, it is believed to be twice that of women. Another fascinating difference is that it differs significantly in heterosexists and is believed to be a major influence on their behavior.

Myths and Stereotypes

There are many differences that are seen in the two sexes. Some of these differences attempt to be explained from myths that people believe in about the differences between brains of men and women. One of the most talked about that of multitasking. Women are said to be better at multitasking than men. This myth may be explained by that women have a larger nerve fiber that is used to link the two halves of the brain. Women are also good listeners and are said to be keener than men. Some people, however, ignore all these issues of brain differences and believe that behaviors are attributed to by the way people are brought up and how they socialize.