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How To Speed Up Your Writing:
Efficient Hints To Help You Finish Essays Quickly

Writing an academic paper is in most cases not a race, and it is always better to take your time with the topic. But we all are familiar with the situation when you procrastinate till the very end or simply don’t have enough time to write an essay. You may even find yourself in front of an empty page a few hours before submission time. If this sounds like you, our tips may come in hand. .

Brainstorm ideas.

If you are still on the stage of choosing the topic or need more ideas for the essay, brainstorming will set you on the move. It does not require more time, but will leave you with interesting thoughts and ideas. The best essay editor will write you an awesome essay! Here are a few interesting brainstorming techniques:

  • Flow of thoughts. Take a piece of paper and a pen and let yourself write down literally everything that comes to mind on the topic for a minute or two.
  • Group brainstorming. If you have a friend with the same problem, try generating ideas together – you will have a set of fresh thoughts.
  • Use your class notes. Essays are almost always assigned on something you learned in class. Your notes will give you more ideas and will help you make sure you are taking a relevant angle on the problem.

Organize your thoughts.

You for sure know the situation, when you sit staring at a blank page for minutes and don’t know how to start or just lost your thought and can’t figure out what to write about. Avoid such situations by briefly putting together everything you know on the subject and everything you want your paper to include. Use index cards or sticky notes to easily rearrange the information. After using a piece of information, put the card with it aside to avoid repeating yourself later. When you come to another block, just quickly look through what you have and thoughts will easily pop up into your head.

Get used to develop long paragraphs from a single idea. When you have very little time and a long paper, you will have to learn how to write up to half of a page with the single thought that has come to your mind. Make transitions with the previous paragraphs – they will not only add up to your word count, but will make the word flow smooth and the paper understandable. Think about what new you can bring to the point and how to develop the idea further, considering its relation to the general topic you are writing about. Use synonyms and explain your ideas. Give examples you remember from the course or from the articles on the subject you studied. Look for relevant thoughts and researches on the subject and use direct quotes, if allowed. Develop your thought as longer as you can to make it sound relevant and on the point. Save yourself editing time. Proofreading is sometimes one of the most time-consuming stages of writing, especially for a long paper. If you are an experienced writer, you can save yourself this time by being attentive during the whole process of Pro Essay Writing.
  • Do not let yourself make spelling and grammar mistakes. It is much easier to get it right from the beginning than to correct later.
  • Quickly look through the last 2 written paragraphs before staring the next. It is better to edit them right away, while the thoughts are still fresh and you will get some thoughts for the transition to the next paragraph.
  • Stop if you don’t like where your thoughts are going – better think it over and go back to the point you stopped liking your writing.
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