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Mesopotamia Vs Egypt

Religion and culture of the two groups was the major drive towards their civilization. However, both Egypt and Mesopotamia showed some similarities in their religions, there was a very large disparity. They had vast differences and they served as the driving force to civilization. They grew and civilized in whole different ways because the religious beliefs and cultural values always took the center stage in the civilization of that time. It is also good to note that civilization did just go on forever but at one time it came to end.

Belief of the Afterlife

Both these two civilizations believed about the afterlife. This is what they termed as the life after death. It is however believed that the Egyptians had a stronger belief about life than the Mesopotamia. How and where it would be spent was what made the difference between the two. Egyptians created symbolic structures like the pyramids which acted like tombs to them and was a sign that they really valued life after death. The Mesopotamia believed that life after death was a descent to a gloomy place. They believed that one would spend their afterlife there for eternity as ghost. They thus did not see any need to build symbolic tombs for their people to have a good time when they died. Egyptians had a special book called the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It was used a guide for what rituals to perform to the dead. It laid ways of how to cast out spell and charms and how give judgment to the dead. The gods of the Egyptians had a good will for the people and always reflected a good afterlife.

Different gods

Mesopotamia believed that human beings were servants of the gods and that they had to please them so as to be protected. On the other hand Egyptians believed that gods were controlled by order and that human beings were not obliged to please them in order to get any protection. It was thus believed by the Egyptians that Egypt had been created to be a refuge and the only place with order. The rest of the world was full of chaos and disorder. The gods of Mesopotamia did not have a good relationship with the people and saw the humans as rebellious and thus punished them with by sending them calamities. While Mesopotamia had a protective symbol, Egyptians had a symbol of life.