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Narcissism is the most common problem of personality known. It is when individuals are so much taken by their attributes. They admire them so much and are willing to brag about them all over. Narcissism is seen as a personality disorder. It will pose a significant challenge in dealing with both yourself and others. Narcissism will not only ruin your relationship with others but may also make you pathetic and miserable. The traits of Narcissism include self-admiration, a feeling of authority, arrogance and entitlement. Most of the times, people with this problem do not want to view things in the dimension that others do. They thus become complicated to relate with. They always feel and claim to be better than others and will have a significant problem with both that admire them and those that dismiss them. They will write off those who do not admire them and flatter those admiring them. They are also very vulnerable and sensitive to things.

Effect of Narcissism in relationships

It will be very difficult to maintain a relationship with these people. These people think mostly about themselves. It will thus be hard for them to understand the feelings of the other people. The needs of other people do not matter to them either. This will dent the relationship. Relationships are built on complementing each other and being compassionate. The building basis of a relationship, more so a romantic relationship; is that both partners have to sacrifice. There has to be giving and receiving. Individuals suffering from Narcissism condition will have a hard time to meet the commitments. They are more into what they get and what they give. They take the important or the driving role of the relationship. In most cases, they are the ones that will feel hurt and offended. This makes it complicated to keep a fruitful relationship.

How to Deal with Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

It is first important to access the kind relationship that the two of are in. Then, you can access if the person has invested anything in understanding your feelings and needs. Once you have looked into all the issues, you can then tell if it is right to stay in the relationship or not. The other thing is that you should be keen not to be caught in a confrontation with such persons. Lastly, setting your goals will be vital. Let both of you know the goal of your relationship so that you can work towards your goals.