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Hitler's Rise to Power

Hitler is one of the notable figures during war times that took place in history. His rise to power cannot be connected to one single event. It was as a result of a number of favorable conditions. This included the occurrences that took place outside Germany along with the Nazi party strengths and the weaknesses of other factors in Germany. These were very important factors that gave Hitler advantage over all his rivals in 1933 when he gained power legitimately to assume leadership as a chancellor.

One of the reasons that made Hitler rise to power is attributed to his eloquence in speech. This way, he was able to garner support from people. Again, the moderate political parties were not ready to work with him despite having a common base of support more than the Nazis. During the 1929 depression, a lot of unemployment emerged along with poverty cases which infuriated people through the Weimar government. The masses no longer had confidence in the system of democracy and later on, they turned to political parties that were extreme such as the Nazis and Communists in such depression moments.

The Nazi storm troopers attacked those who opposed Hitler and therefore, this was a big plus to him. His job became a lot easier. The propaganda campaign of Goebbels was also effective and it gathered a lot of support for the Nazis who had targeted particular society groups that had various policies and slogans to win support from them. Hitler would then get power in a political deal that was seedy through Papen and Hindenburg who foolishly believed they could manipulate him. Most important to note was the fact that the people of German were angry concerning the “Treaty of Versailles” and instead offered support to Hitler due to the promise he made of overturning it. He also enjoyed major support that came from industrialists that gave him a lot of support and money as well.

Generally, Hitler’s coming to power was due to three major category reasons: external activities and events, the strengths he had alongside the Nazi party and finally due to the weaknesses that were exhibited by the other political parties. Therefore, it was not entirely because of his tact and wisdom though it contributed a lot but because of the failures that were realized with opponents and powers around. This is how Hitler became powerful to a point where he made history we can remember even up to this day.