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The Easiest Method To Write A Rhetorical Analysis Essay

The most important thing you need to understand about rhetorical analysis is that it does not ask you whether you agree with the writer’s ideas or not, it does not require you to comment on the theme of the speaker but only to evaluate the rhetoric strategies and patterns in the work. You have to identify the rhetoric strategy used by the speaker or writer and then suggest why or why not it is the best strategy in this manner

The best way to create such an assignment is to move in steps and divide the process in to gradual phases so that you can easily move forward

The purpose

Start with identifying the purpose, core theme, or main idea of the work. You have to check whether the author is trying to entertain, inform, or convince the audience on something. You should be able to determine this before you begin the writing process. This is a part of your prewriting process

The target audience

Understanding the target audience for the work is important if you want to analyze the rhetoric strategies used. This is because there is a clear difference between something aimed for kids in kindergarten as compared to that of high school students. Similarly, different demographic and geographic filters act in separating the target audience

The appeal

Check the appeal the writer is trying to use for impressing his audience. You can identify different methods like ethos, pathos, and logos.

Your analysis

The most important thing about your paper is the analysis that you will create about the strategies and the work. You will have to evaluate the appeals, evidence, strategies and why these were used. You should also check the examples used for the evidence and how successful they were

Your thesis

After you have completed the analysis and evaluating the work, you are done with the pre-writing phase. Keep taking notes along the way so that you can refer back to them easily. Create your thesis based on the best four things you have identified in your prewriting phase or the best three things. Your thesis should be able to divide into the same number of parallel parts that you are going to use in your body. The number of major arguments you take from the thesis should be same as the number of body paragraphs in your assignment.