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10 Great Essay Topics That Will Catch Your Reader's Attention

Thousands of essays are written every day but only the best are compelling and worth the time. An essay that captures the attention of the ready must be crafted deliberately considering several factors. Correct wording and creating an impression of excitement are vital when choosing a topic.

What makes a compelling essay topic?

  • Impression- the title you choose must first appeal to you before it appeals to the other reader. Choose from a number of titles and then narrow them down to one that is relevant and eye catching. The title must be memorable and make you want to read more.
  • The context- some subjects are interesting to read while others are not. Provide a new perspective to the story that has not been heard or is not common in the area of study.
  • Specific- an essay topic should provide specific details about the content. An ambiguous title does not attract any attention and will therefore be ignored.
  • A stand- essays are used to defend or explain positions. The topic must indicate where the writer stands in a particular discussion. In some cases, it is supposed to point at a possible direction so that the reader is invited to read the document in order to understand the justification of the position.

Academic writing offers the freedom to select any topic for your research. It should be guided by your area of study and scope. Here are exciting topics that will make your essay compelling and eye catching.

  1. What will be used power vehicles in the next decade?
  2. Is renewable energy reversing global warming?
  3. Which will be the economic and political super powers in the next ten years?
  4. Is cyber hacking more dangerous than weapons of mass destruction?
  5. With the high rate of divorce, is marriage still relevant?
  6. Should gay and lesbians become church leaders?
  7. Is education an equalizing factor in the society?
  8. Should marijuana be legalized for medical reasons?
  9. In the age of equality, should men get a similar period for paternity leave?
  10. Is religion relevant in the age of technology?

The catchy topics given above point at the direction you should take when selecting a title for your research. There are many other topics depending on your area of study. Following the rules of creating a compelling title for your academic paper will make it more interesting to read and earn you higher marks.