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Narrative Essay Structure - Basic Writing Instructions

The basic writing instruction for narrative essay is almost the same in comparison with other essays. However the writer or the student must know the basic writing instruction to write narrative academic paper. Some important guidance and instruction is given below

Select academic paper topic first

Student should choose their topic before writing. You should be careful while choosing topic. do not choose such topic which is unknown to you and you cannot write. Choose the topic according to your standard and maintain level. For example if you belong to 8th standard then do not choose the topic of 9th standard otherwise it will be difficult to write.

Collect your ideas

After choosing topic you should concentrate on the topic. Read any book or paper which has connection with your topic. It will develop your thinking and increase your knowledge. You will be able to write more effectively. Collect your all ideas on the basis of your study and make an outline.

Write those statements

In the next part you should write those statements whatever you have collected on the basis of your study. Write them soon otherwise thought always comes and go. You may forget, so do not waste time in thinking too much.

Make structure of the body

In the main body there are many points you have to write step by step. At first you should mention the main points and then sub points. After making body of the academic paper you should start to explain them one by one. While structuring the body you should keep in mind that write the main points or sub points in such way that clearly visible. You can make them bold. Explain the sub points and if possible you can give examples to clarify your concept. It would be better to include current example.


Introduction is very important as it is the phase of your academic paper. Give the information in brief. It should be written in such a way that present the whole academic paper. If introduction is not written well then reader will lose the interest to read rest of the academic paper.


This is the final part of the academic paper. You have almost written the academic paper and covered all the areas in the introduction and main body. Now come to the conclusion paragraph. In this paragraph you should include the main purpose of the writing and suggest solution. In short you will write gist of the academic paper.