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Native Hawaiians

Native Hawaiians are the people who lived in what is the present State of Hawaii prior to the year 1718. Hawaii people are believed to have great respect for any ties of connection that they posses. They have exhibited the best spirit of living together as a community. Every Hawaiian has the obligation of understanding the Hawaii community and know how to contribute towards its growth. The culture of the Hawaiian people is celebrated by people around the globe. This is because of their sophistication and the artistic culture. The Hawaii people have a passion and great gift in arts such as dance, poetry and sculptures. Hawaii people have also made a great step and have got a well developed and working judicial system. They have also invested a lot in scientific research and this has led to rise of very good agricultural methods that yield a lot of food for the locals and surplus for export.

Hawaiian ties

The Hawaii community believes that they ties that unite the Hawaii people together never break even after death. The Hawaii people believe that they ties or relationships among themselves. They thus considered themselves as one big family. They believe that they are all related to each other. They also believed that they were related to their ancestors, animals and their land. These ties were a major concern to the Hawaii community and everybody was supposed to respect them. They believed that even when people die, they are still part of them and proceed to the next life and continue with their obligations for the Hawaii community. They have respect for their ancestors and made sure that every one of them knew about them and thus made talks and stories about their ancestors and the great abilities that they posses or possessed. It is funny to note that they believed that land was their most important and treasured ancestor.

Hawaiian culture

The Hawaiian people always fought to keep their culture intact and avoid losing it. However, with time they had to interact with other communities and this had an impact on their culture. Settlers began to enter Hawaii and they taught them new ways of doing things. The unique thing that you will note is that the Hawaii people did not let their culture go that easily. They still held on to it and is the main reason that even other communities that came up had a great influence from the Hawaiian culture.