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Composing A Strong Narrative Essay About Jealousy: Tips And Tricks

As a student, whether in the high school or college, essay writing is an unavoidable part of the learning process. There are various types of essays and one of them is narrative. If you have been asked to write this type of paper, you are simply being asked to narrate or tell your target readers a story revolving round a given real-life experience. One of such life experiences is jealousy. This is one thing we encounter every now and then, both within our living environment and the school environment. There is the possibility that you have had an experience where one or more persons exhibit traces of jealousy towards you.

If that is the case you conclude, then it would be easy to write a narrative essay about jealousy. That could be a bit far from the truth. This is simply because there are certain techniques you should follow in order to compose a good paper. Listed below are a few tips. They are:

  • Prewriting preparations: When you are asked to write an academic paper that is narrative in nature, you don’t just jump into writing immediately. You have to take your time to determine events that are more significant and able to portray your story more than the others. Such event should be one that has a sort of emotional attachment to what you are writing about and in this case, jealousy. When you have decided which jealous-related event would make a good story, then you move to the next phase.

  • See it as more than a story: If you really want to draw the attention of your target readers, your narrative essay should be something more than a story. It should be a narrative that comes with a lesson learnt through the experience being relayed. If you are able to convey a good story with an attendant meaning, then you can be sure of hooking your writers.

  • Write in the first person: This is another tip that has proven helpful. When you write your story in the first person format, using “I” instead of writing in the third person, it gives more life and image to the story being told.

  • Give it depth: You want to entrance your readers and for this reason, don’t leave out the details of the story. Let them know all the “aahs” and “ouch”. Leaving out details will only lead to distorted understanding of your narrative essay. That is not what you want.

  • Be vividly descriptive: Another tip you should not ignore is making use of vivid descriptions in writing your narrative paper. Use phrases that would make your target readers feel your pains, your joys, your disappointment as if they were there with you. Instead of saying, “her jealousy turned her into a different person”, you can say “out of jealousy, she became a nightmare and the proverbial ‘two-horned-devil’ to me”.