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Five Ways to Have Your Essay Proofread Online for Free

There are all kinds of proofreading strategies that work, such as a. editing on paper with a pen, marking any errors and suggesting your own add ons and cross outs, b. spell and grammar check (which I less strongly recommend), and c. reading your paper aloud so you can catch any lingering errors you might have missed.

Proofreading strategies are great, yes, but sometimes you want another set of eyes to look at your paper before you hand it in. I am going to tell you some smart ways of getting your paper read for free and eliminating costly errors.

  1. Pick a Strong Member of the Class
  2. Who always makes the As in English? Who is that A student always rasing his or her hand before everyone else? – You should know because they should be your new helper as you progress through English. The good thing about a friend from class is that they can help you revise your paper thoroughly for free and they will only be an email or a phone call for free.

  3. Your Teacher
  4. Does your teacher proofread essays for students who are really trying hard to master the elements of term paper writing and who want to really excel in the class? Ask him or her if they would be open to viewing an early draft and “early” is the key word here. If you want your paper read by someone for free, especially the one who will be grading it, you will have to show your teacher you really want to try by getting started on the essay EARLY. This will show him or her that you are really trying. Approach them after class with a significant portion of the paper completed and ask him or her if they would be open to an online early submission before the essay is graded. Tell them you are trying to receive an A in the class. Surely, with all of this effort, they will say yes, yes, YES!

  5. The University or School Writing Center
  6. Writing centers today are really advanced and often have an online chat or welcome online submissions for pre-reading because of the huge student online population, some of whom live far away from school. Try the writing center.

  7. Online Editing Services
  8. Look into online proofreaders. For free or with a monthly membership they may read your essay as well.

  9. Look into a Freelancer who Edits
  10. For literally no charge you can make this happen.