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Where To Search For A Well-Written Example Of A Reflective Essay

When you cut yourself; there is not only blood that seeps out. There is that indestructible will; the machinations and the desires as well. With a reflective essay, you bring all that on paper and feel you have finally acted as a beacon.

If you want inspiration for the pieces, you should check the following avenues –

  • Autobiographies – You only have to wisely press into the emphatic segments and you will find a sequential elaboration of the steps the person took to become famous. It is actually fashionable to read real life stories of successful ones; they are naturally inspirational.
  • Preface – Certain books have a slightly longer preface. The writer mentions the hardships and strategies that he used to complete the book and in a sense, it is a wonderful specimen of a reflective piece. Again, the seasoned writers have a better way of putting their life’s story on the line.
  • Personal diaries – Some of the very famous people have had this habit of penning their daily conquests and failures in a diary. You can extract the essence to have your own reflective sample under the Sun.
  • Digital libraries – You will get plenty of samples here if you look wisely. For instance, if you are an MBA aspirant, you should check out samples that show you the perfect method to become an MBA. Actually, things become easy if you are adept at tackling the PC.
  • Personal interviews – You can have a personal chat with a fairly successful person living in your locality as to how he made it so far. If you choose an honest fellow, you will get glorious inputs to form your own reflective piece; one which is closest to the truth..
  • College archives – Every year, a lot of reflective pieces are written through the course of the college. The good ones find a place in the archive. So, blow your torch and take a rundown of the archives for a glimpse of the treasure.

Learn to give directions

Remember that the reflective essay is all about giving direction to the readers, especially those who are in the boat that you traveled in. You should be clear about the initial hiccups and the problems they may face at intervals. You should also offer stark solutions to encourage them.

You should be honest to the core and evoke certain instances of your life which beget evocation and influence. This makes it more reader-friendly.