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Assessing the Credibility of a Custom Essay Writing Agency

The most important thing you need to know about a custom essay writing service is that they should have a good reputation among the customers. Apart from that, consider the following points to tell if the agency is reliable

  1. They must use secure payment gateways
  2. If they were reliable, they would not ask you to pay directly via bank account

  3. They will never ask for complete payment upfront
  4. You do not have to pay complete advance payments to reliable agencies. You can set milestones and pay as each milestone is completed. The other way is to pay the half amount upfront and release the rest after the completion of the work

  5. They are proud of their work
  6. They would love to show you their portfolio if they are reliable. They know what they are capable of so they offer good value to their customers.

  7. They have qualified native writers
  8. Professional agencies hire writers after conducting interviews and certain tests. They will have writers with advanced level degrees who can easily create assignments in the given area. The writers should also be native English speakers. Do not work with someone who is an overseas writer because they may make grammatical and common spelling errors in the assignment

  9. They do not hesitate to offer revisions
  10. One thing about professional writers is that they are confident of their skills. They will not hesitate to offer revisions because they know you would like what they create. If a company is not comfortable in offering revisions then you should not work with them.

  11. They write custom papers that are 100% original
  12. Essays that professionals write will be completely original. You can check the assignments with software on the internet and see if the paper is 100% unique. You will also have to check if they write custom essay from scratch

  13. They meet the deadlines
  14. Professionals never delay your paper unless there is a change in requirements from your end. They will meet the deadline and deliver the assignment on the agreed date. You can check their previous work samples and the deadlines to see if they can write your paper in the given time. If you require this assignment on an urgent deadline, then you may have to pay higher than usual

  15. They have reasonable pricing
  16. A professional writing agency will not charge very expensive for writing your essay. Do not fall for cheap service providers because they may be low quality or spam. You need to find a reasonable writing agency or writer who has affordable rates.